Technical Consulting

Rate begins at $50/hour. Discounted rates negotiable for non-profits.

I graduated in 2007 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Systems Science and Bioinformatics. My first job was working on projects for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security at MIT Lincoln Lab. The majority of my supervisors held doctorates. Those supervisors were instrumental in helping me understand new subjects like digital signal processing and statistical modeling of real, measured data. I was uniquely positioned to write full stack web platforms to collect, analyze, and present data. That became a specialty for me at MIT and beyond.

After MIT Lincon Lab, I continued working on web architecture projects for a few small companies including one NGO. My work often bridged the gap between programming software and deploying/maintaining the infrastructure upon which the software ran. Additionally, I became a resource for explaining git and organizing the project management best practices for remote teams to efficiently collaborate.

As a consultant, my projects have ranged from serverless Amazon Web Services to full stack web development to inventory and analytics using Google Spreadsheets. My goal is to find the cheapest and most efficient platform that fulfills the immediate and long term needs of my clients.

I am currently involved in a couple projects: construction and maintenance of a HIPAA-compliant, serverless, web infrastructure running on Amazon Web Server on behalf of a physical therapy tech startup; software infrastructure design and oversight of a freshly graduated software developer for a small local startup; and technical training for recruiters regarding the technologies they encounter in job listings. I have capacity for additional consulting work.

I'm happy to work with people remotely or locally. Contact for more information or to start a new project with me!


Rate is $25/hour.

I have tutored regular sessions with students learning Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and AP Calculus. Many students taking online courses via Florida Virtual School (FLVS) do not get enough attention from their instructor, so I have worked with a number of students enrolled in FLVS.

Outside of mathematics, I have tutored pre-IT, World History, Geological Sciences, and AP Biology. I have worked with students who attend Palm Beach Day, Bak, The Conservatory, St Julianna, Dreyfoos, and Forest Hills.

Adult tutoring can be helpful for professionals looking to change careers. To that end, I have tutored adults learning to program Python, Javascript, and C. I can also help people understand IT concepts such as HTML, computer networking, and cloud providers like Amazon Web Services.

I have a contractor badge with Palm Beach County schools and am cleared to enter those schools. I prefer to meet new students at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. Contact or call 561-247-3653 to schedule a tutor appointment with me!

Educational Programs

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